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Machinic phylum - A video by A Zolnierzak (stud...

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Machinic phylum - A video by A Zolnierzak (student on final year the Architecture programme)

“Machinic phylum – a term that would indicate how non-linear flows of matter and energy spontaneously generate machine-like assemblages when internal or external pressures reach a critical level” a performance system.

Manuel DeLanda, Non-Organic Life

Our students have investigated tensegrity structures and the environmental drivers as an interdisciplinary exchange of climatic adaptive architecture . In tensegrity structures, compression elements are only in compression (there is no 'bending moment') and are separate from each other and configured into a spatial whole through elements in tension. The final year architectural students focused on creating a spatial-material field which will relate to their own work in this design module. An expression of structural elements and the environmental influences to develop a 'spatial logic'.


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